The office is located about 10 minutes from the Willow Grove exit  (exit 343) of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, just south of the decommissioned Willow Grove Naval Air Station, on Horsham Road (463), off of Easton Road (611).

The exact location is at the corner of Horsham Road (463) and Avenue B, between the two traffic lights (2/10's of a mile apart) of Dresher Road  and Maple Avenue.  We are located next to Liberty Urgent Care.

At the corner of Ave. B and Horsham Road, is a blue (red)/white fire hydrant and the white/green office "GENERAL DENTIST" sign.

  (Map Directions for Office Location)

Michael L. Bydalek, DMD
General Dentistry
PracticeOffice/ContactPolicyDr. B.

Tele: 215.956.9569              Hours by Appointment           Fax: 215.956.9684
409 Horsham Road - Horsham PA - 19044

Office viewed from Dresher Rd.
Office Viewed from Norristown Rd.
Office Location Details:
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...smiles since 1990
Left is view from Dresher Rd. approach.

              Right is view from Maple Ave. approach.